The Impact Of Covid-19 On e-Commerce

The global pandemic and its implications defined the year, 2020. From prohibiting public gatherings to office workers facing a plethora of challenges – the situation is constantly changing. The uncertainty that surrounds us all is causing major changes in shopping behavior. There is a shift in online shopping of how what, and when things are being purchased. Consumers are avoiding public places and several non-essential businesses are closed. This has placed limitations on shopping, however, essentials are being purchased in bulk. Brands are adapting to the changing needs of consumers. People started to stock up, the moment COVID-19 was declared a pandemic. Masks and sanitizers were bought along with household essentials like bread and toilet paper. Both online and traditional stores were struggling to meet the rising demand. Panic buying became the norm. Retail therapy is the response to different kinds of personal crises but a pandemic can add further layers to it.

COVID-19 has spread uncertainty along with contradictory information. Everyone’s receiving a plethora of information from endless resources that is causing them to over-prepare for the situation. Not to forget the crowd mentality. When people see others stocking up on necessary products, they want to do the same.

According to experts, the virus can survive anywhere from three hours to three days on a surface. This raises the question of whether or not we should shop online. However, the chance of the virus surviving from the time it was packed to the moment it was shipped and delivered is unlikely. The slowdown delivery system and shipping environment make it hard for the virus to survive. Consumers have responded to the pandemic in different ways and this is based on different age groups and gender.

Each one of us is going through strange times and are adapting as we see fit.

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