Zoom vs. Discord in 2021


A communication platform app that features video, voice, and text chat. A popular app for group-chatting, basically a place to text and build communities amongst gamers.


It is an easy, cloud platform for video communications and specializes in webinars and web conferences. Zoom is leading in video communications for modern enterprises.


Both Discord and Zoom share similar purposes and features, however, they vary from one another in several ways.

The primary mode of communication in Discord is textual. Users can join Discord for free and proceed to find invites to different servers.

Zoom’s principal communication mode is video. From collaborating on projects to recording sessions and sharing on another’s screen – Zoom delivers wireless screen sharing.


Zoom’s popularity is on the rise, however, users feel there are several areas that need & improvement. Complaints vary from not being extremely user-friendly to a technical difficulty in joining or leaving a meeting. Another issue revolves around starting the program itself.

Discord comes with a difficult learning curve to use seamlessly. First-time users are often confused about the unfamiliar username and invite system. One can comfortably use this app with a better technical understanding of how the app works.


Discord is a free app, however, a server boost is possible by paying a rate determined by the moderator. This will open up a plethora of perks and unlocks several features for the server like easy customization, capacity, and chat options

Zoom can be used for free but there are certain limitations on the duration of the meetings and which platform it can be held. One can choose plans based on the kinds of customization they seek and the length of the meetings.

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